Congratulations Meadowbrook

Congratulations to our Science Olympiad state representatives for a job well done !!!!
Very proud of all of them for representing Meadowbrook well and for their hard work and effort.

Anatomy -3rd place
Coaches –Nancy Chen and Tahira Hatamy
Students : Kaitlyn Chan and Helmand Hatamy

Bottle Rockets -2nd place
Coach – Valibabu Saladi
Students : Annapurna Saladi and Rahul Swaminathan

Disease Detective -5th place
Coach- Deepali Deshpande
Students : Nipun Das and Rahul Swaminathan

Dynamic Planet- 2nd Place
Coach- Darlene Garvais
Students: Lindsay Wright and Radhika Sreelal

Ecology -5th place
Coach – Darlene Garvais
Students: Lindsay Wright and Easha Ashraf

Meteorology – 2nd Place
Coach- Lindsay Wright
Students: Lindsay Wright and Easha Ashraf

Congratulations Meadowbrook

Congratulations Meadowbrook for coming in 6th place overall at the regional competition and earning a spot to compete in the state competition.
Please click here for the list of regional award placements .
A Special Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Meadowbrook at the
Science Olympiad State Competition on April 8th at CalTech in Pasadena.

Aditya Mavalankar -8th
Annapurna Saladi -7th
Divya Ramesh -7th
Dhruv Kumar -8th
Easha Ashraf -6th
Helmand Hatamy -8th
Kaitlyn Chan- 8th
Kavya Ramesh -7th
Krishna Rastogi -7th
Lindsay Wright -8th
Nipun Das- 7th
Radhika Sreelal- 7th
Rahul Swaminathan -7th
Soha Bapat -8th
Spencer Kahn -8th

Alternate- Harshaan Tank -7th

Let’s wish them the best of luck as they continue their efforts and preparations to represent us well at the State Competition .