Volunteer Opportunities Available:

Assistant Coaches - We need Assistant Coaches for Battery Buggy, Roller Coaster, Elastic Launched Glider, Solar System, Density Lab, Thermodynamics, Crimebusters and Meteorology

Breadstick sales - TBD

1:50-2:50 pm:  Pick up at Wings & Things (need 1)
2:15-3:00 pm:  Help sell at school (need 2)

Administrative Assistant to help with invitational and regional competition

Financial reports - Need a volunteer to do monthly financial reports

Photographers - take photo of event classes and regional competition

Photocopy help -  need volunteer to photocopy items for coaches

CD uploads - need volunteer to upload teaching CD's; can be done on your own time

If interested, please email us right away at meadowbrookso2018.org@gmail.comParent involvement is extremely important to the success of our Science Olympiad program.  Please consider volunteering, we cannot have the program without your help!!!!! Discuss your availability with Head coaches for opportunities.